What my clients say...


I LOVE KATHERINE!!! COME TO IV HAIR CO. IF YOU WANT YOUR LIFE (and hair) CHANGED FOR THE BETTER!! I've been coming to Katherine for just about everything (cuts, trims, dying, bleaching, styling, treatments, and extensions) and GIRLS.. let me tell you.... my hair has never looked AND felt more healthy! She's so passionate about her work it's amazing. She truly loves what she does and it shows in her work.  

When I first came in, I had recently box dyed my hair black, had lots of split ends, and over processed hair from the box dye and previous hair stylists. I hated my hair. I wore hats and threw my hair up in pony tails because of how much I hated the look of it. I hated the way my hair felt when I ran my fingers through it. Coming to IV Hair Co. completely changed ALL OF THAT my very first visit! I was informed on why my hair was damaged, what services she could do to fix it, and what I could do to prevent further damage. It was LIFE CHANGING. I feel so confident about my hair and (not tryna brag but ) I get so many compliments it's amazing!

-Raquel R.


It's always hard moving to a new location and having to find good service providers from dentists and doctors to hair care places. The Yelp ratings on Isla Vista Hair Company were a great predictor of the highly personal and quality service I received. Katherine cut my hair for the first time and it looks great.  No more hair cut anxiety :)    I felt I found a place that really cares about their customers and provides terrific service.  I would be happy to recommend them to anyone that is searching:  search no more!

-Kevin M.


I have been coming to Katherine to get my hair done for about three years now and she always works wonders with my hair! She is an amazing color artist and works with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. I highly recommend coming here!!

-Janna A.


Katherine is my girl!! She is extremely talented, passionate, and knowledgeable about all things hair. I trust her 100%, from cutting my hair exactly how I want it to her product recommendations. Katherine is a gem, she cares so much about learning all the secrets to hair styling and it pays off! Ladies she will not chop off your hair she will do exactly what you instruct her to do and it will look great. Love IV hair co and all the staff!

-Rachel F.


I have found my hair place.  My hair went from broken, abused and ratty to something I am proud of and want to show off.  Katherine has worked magic on my hair with her color line and amazing scissor skill.  I also get my eyebrows done there.  All the employees are talented, personable and affordable. I love feeling like a million bucks and these folks are able to make me feel it.  I LOVE THIS PLACE.

-Jessica B.


I came to UCSB with a buzz cut and left four years later with an awesome personalized hairstyle that I couldn't imagine living without.

Fall quarter freshman year I walked in and asked Katherine for a buzz cut. She delivered, but she saw something that I didn't: the potential for a dope haircut. It took a few visits, but I finally caved and gave her artistic freedom over my hair. I've never looked back.

Five years later, Katherine is the only person I trust to cut my hair. Since leaving UCSB I've gone through half a dozen stylists, none more knowledgeable about hair than Katherine. I've driven 300 miles to get a haircut from her (and to get my favorite sandwich). Unfortunately I can't do that every month, so Katherine went out of her way to record a video with detailed instructions on how to do my haircut and taught me how to find good stylists wherever I go.

TL;DR Katherine is a pro at men's haircuts. Her prices are reasonable for a broke college student and she's always a pleasure to chat with. Let her cut your hair once and you'll instantly become a regular.

-Jacob H.


Katherine Pepe is a literal goddess and my personal hero. She has my undying loyalty and devotion for eternity and beyond. If she runs for office, I will knock on doors for her. If she ever needs investors and I have money, it is hers. If it turns out she is a literal superhero with a cape and a leotard, I will be not at all surprised.

I have LITERALLY NEVER had a stylist I trusted until a friend of mine recommended Katherine. She helped me through all the mortifying stages of growing out my (super awesome and super unsustainable) undercut, and when I needed a more formal 'do on a Sunday when her salon was closed, she offered to teach me how to do it MYSELF, and made that process entirely doable for a hair dunce like me. Never before did I consider how empowering a hair stylist could be. Never again will I settle for less.

Katherine is also a wizard with dudes' hair. I sent my fiance to her and the first thing he said afterwards was, "I've never had a stylist actually ask me what I wanted before, and then do what I asked." His previous MO was to go to a different barbershop each time he needed a cut--now he's a loyal customer of Katherine's as well.

This is someone who genuinely cares about her customers and comes through time after time after time, in ways I would never ask for or expect but appreciate so deeply it's hard to verbalize. I could not possibly recommend IV Hair Co more highly.


-Avi M.


Best salon I've been to in Santa Barbara/goleta area. Been coming here for 5 years and never leaving!

-Michael L.


No one would ever guess, but Isla Vista has a hidden gem of hair salons. Katherine is a fantastic stylist for both men and women, a wizard with color, and extremely knowledgeable about hair and hair products. She will not waste your time with extras or product sales-pitches; she honestly wants you to have the healthiest and most beautiful hair. She does her research; you can tell she is very passionate about what she does. I have one of the worst kind of hair textures - fine, thinning, wavy/frizzy - so I am very picky with what is done to my hair to avoid any damage. I have had a variety of bad experiences in the past with other stylists throughout SoCal, from bad haircuts that made my hair look heavy and flat to hair coloring that scorched my hair. My hair has never felt or looked better in years, all thanks to Katherine and her skills.

-Sara Z.


I am a man who choose to start cutting his own hair. I could not imagine paying extravagant amounts of money to cut my hair only to have to do it again a few months later. 
I came here as a recommendation and have not cut my own hair since. 
The stylists here are amazing, friendly, and on fire. The environment makes me want to grow hair faster so I can hang out a little more. 
Thank you for making me realize the benefits and luxuries truly given as a customer here. It is worth every cent.

-Jimmy C.


I have been going to IV Hair Co since freshman year and have never left. Katherine, along with the rest of the staff, are not only a pros, but also make for an entertaining experience every time. They have me LOLing regardless of my mood. They can even turn a simple haircut (mine) into a masterpiece! IV Hair Co has been the ONLY salon destination for UCSB Greek houses, especially ATO, because it is simply the best in Isla Vista.

If your haircut sucks and it's preventing you from having an awesome weekend on DP, do yourself a favor and go to IV Hair Co. NO BRAINER!

-Brian P.


I've been going to Catherine for 4 years, before she owned the joint. Under her management, the salon has gotten more modern and awesome! She does a great job  on my somewhat tricky medium length male haircut. She is very fun and interesting to talk to, and always does a great job!

-Alex H.

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